5 Ways to Make 2018 Your Best Year Yet

Forget New Years resolutions, these are 5 essential strategies that can help make 2018 your best year yet.

Whether you found happiness or struggle in 2017, we have now entered 2018 with a universal 'fresh start' -- which is a perfect opportunity to start really upgrading your life.

And that doesn't mean that you need to create nearly-impossible New Years resolutions, or radically change your life overnight. There's a reason, after all, that 80 plus percent of New Years resolutions fail by February. Instead, there are many powerful strategies that can truly 'upgrade' your life and do not require extensive time or effort. 

My Top 5 Essential Strategies to Making 2018 Your Best Year

1. Prioritize your energy conservation. Stop giving away your energy to toxic & damaged people (energy vampires) who only know how to drain your energy without reciprocation. 

2. Open your heart and mind to new experiences. Even though you may have been hurt in the past, it is essential to remember that one experience is not representative of all others. And when we cut ourselves off from new relationships and experiences, we actually limit our ability to heal and grow. 

3. Don't be afraid to spend more time on giving yourself what you need. Give yourself permission to relax, to go ahead and book that massage, to block out some time in the day for meditation. When you give appreciation to your mind and body and return to your center, you can most things in life at an entirely new level. 

4. Let yourself forgive. Forgive yourself, and forgive those who have hurt you. Holding onto resentment and anger from past events only hurts you, and will weigh you down throughout the new year. Look at forgiveness as something you are doing for yourself, not the ones who hurt you, and let it go for your own health and sanity. 

5. Never be afraid to fail, because failure is the foundation of success. If you want to have success in any area of your life, you must begin to see failure as a necessary building block in the construction of your life path. Instead of allowing shame and self-abuse to take control when failure hits, embrace it as a proof that you are on the right path and making efforts to reach your goals. 

2018 is going to be a very exciting year all around, and -- as with every day -- it is a great time to begin looking at what has been holding you back, and what truly brings out your passion and happiness. There's no need to make insanely challenging New Years resolutions when you can begin making sustainable and incremental shifts on a daily basis, and there's no need to fall into the same/guilt cycle when you mess up a few times along the way.

Even bringing a few of these strategies into your daily consciousness can make a big difference. Never underestimate the power of doing 10-20% more each day -- over the course of a year, it turns into a systemic transformation. 

Let 2017 be your guide to the things you want to change in your life throughout 2018, and make this one your best year yet. 


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