The Key to Ending Toxic Drama In Your Life

When you understand how drama is 'fed', you can end the toxic feeding cycle in your life.

Dealing with toxic drama is never fun, and no one involved in the drama cycle really wins; even those who think they enjoy it. Sadly, drama is a part of being a human being, and every social circle is affected at some point.

But thankfully, you don't have to let it creep into your life and pull you in. Because when you understand how drama is 'fed', you can end the toxic feeding cycle in your life.

If you have ever been to New York City or any other East Coast city, one thing you will often see are swarms of pidgeons descending upon even the tiniest pile of food crumbs. In what seems like no time at all, you have 50+ pidgeons fighting over a quarter-sized piece of bread, tearing it to shreds.

It's pretty crazy, and I am always blown away by how surreal it can be witnessing it. Those birds are dedicated!
This feeding frenzy is very similar to the drama cycle in our lives. Those pidgeons represent the 'drama feeders' in our lives; the ones who live for the drama cycle, and will use anything as a means to stir up trouble and cause conflict.

And no matter what you do to try and stop those pidgeons from descending upon that piece of bread, they're not going to stop. You can yell at them, stomp on the ground, or do whatever, and they're just going to go all-in on that bread like it's do or die.

Starving Out The Drama Cycle

So what do you do? What does it mean in a real life practical way? Many people will talk about the many tactics and strategies to 'beat' the drama lovers, but much like the pidgeons live for the bread crumbs, they live for the drama!

You aren't going to change that overnight by having a few conversations. And in fact, more communication and conflict only gives them what they want. Drama feeders will take anything you say to them and turn it into... drama!

So just as many signs around major cities read 'don't feed the pidgeons', the answer is also the same in our personal lives when it comes to feeding the drama generators. Don't feed them; don't engage them. What a drama feeder fears most is silence and disregard -- not giving into their attempts to breed chaos and spread drama.

Because when the drama feeder can't pull any more drama out of you, they move on to their next attempt to stir up some trouble somewhere else. And even though it's tempting to give them a taste of their own medicine or make an example of them, it only leads to more fuel for the drama feeder and exacerbates the cycle.

Don't give them any bread! There's way more beautiful things to be enjoying in life that so many of us are missing because of silly squabbles and petty drama-based controversies. It's time to start ending the drama cycle on an individual and societal level.

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