Why Some People Take Kindness for Weakness

The truth about how and why many emotionally damaged people take kindness for weakness, and what to do about it.

It seems like the craziest concept: how could someone view kindness, vulnerability, and empathy as an opportunity to take advantage of another person? The truth is, however, that many emotionally damaged people do view kindness as a form of weakness -- and it's essential to be aware of this fact. 

In this video, I break down how and why some people prey on those that are nice to them, and what you can do about:

Because it is often such a foreign idea to many of us, we can easily become prey to those who seek to take our kindness as an invitation for abuse. In fact, our overwhelming desire to be nice to others can be challenging to override with proper boundary setting, which is something that I personally struggled with for years. 

And quite frankly, this desire to be nice and give others the benefit of the doubt comes from a well-intentioned place -- but not everyone shares the same ideals.

Even though kindness and vulnerability are actually powerful strengths, and are in fact inherently more indicative of a high quality human being than almost any other traits, it is very important to never be afraid of setting solid boundaries with people who cannot respect the strength behind your kindness. 

Oftentimes, these toxic people can drive you into a trap where you feel like 'just a little more' will please them (especially in toxic romantic relationships).

It is important to understand that many so-called 'predatory' individuals have come from homes with extreme cases of abuse, may struggle with some form of mental disorder, and the list goes on. 

The way they have come to experience human interaction is far different, and in many respects we should have empathy for their lack of empathy. Because ultimately, empathy is a very powerful gift that is often misunderstood

Don't be afraid to tell these people to get lost.


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