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Comments on AG are encouraged, but certain comments that violate our Comment Policy may be edited or deleted. In general, not being a jerk and commenting in a way that’s relevant to the topic is appropriate.

Here’s what we love to see in the comments:

  • Thoughtful replies that contribute to the story and community.
  • Relevant stories and experiences.
  • Constructive criticism or approval.

We do also allow self-promotion and promotion of your business in the comments, as long as it is within a comment that adds some value or is on topic.

Here’s the kind of comments that we don’t allow, and will be edited, deleted, or the user may be banned:

  • Spam. Comments deemed to be spam will be deleted; excessive links and irrelevant pasted material are examples of spam.
  • Harassment/Threats. Threats & harassment against the author, other commenters, or any individual will be deleted. If the threat or harassment is deemed to be of caliber, it may be reported to law enforcement.
  • Impersonating authors, other commenters, or legal authorities.
  • Deeply offensive material.

This is not an exhaustive list, and any comment may be edited or deleted by our team. This site uses the Disqus comment system, which has its own guidelines and restrictions. Any comments that potentially violate US law may be reported to the appropriate authorities.

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