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About Anthony Gucciardi | Bio & Ideas

Anthony Gucciardi is a self-made entrepreneur, development writer, speaker, and business consultant whose thoughts and writings have been shared in Forbes, Fortune, NASDAQ Leadership Classes, WSJ & USA Today best-selling books, and featured by major social media pages like Tiny Buddha (6.7M), Wordables (3.3M), and many others.

Anthony Gucciardi releases content on business, leadership, philosophy, development, and life to nearly 1 million social subscribers across his platforms. Anthony’s social media videos have received more than 25 million views, with his other forms of content reaching many tens of millions more.

As the President of Gucciardi Creative, Anthony works directly with organizations and individuals in the areas of social media growth and brand presence, product development and project management, effective sales campaign pathways, and other tailored solutions.

In the wellness product development and management space, Anthony has worked with many of the leading FDA-Registered dietary supplement and wellness product manufacturers in the United States, formulation experts, multi-generational herbalists, and nutritional scientists. Anthony has worked with major health supplement brands and manufacturers found in stores such as Whole Foods, Vitamin Shoppe, GNC, and pharmacies across the country.

In 2023, Anthony founded Of The Ancients, an herbal health supplement line that features high quality herbal formulations traditionally used by ancient cultures for a variety of health benefits. Of The Ancients donates 25% of all profits to Native American & First Nations non-profit groups, and has partnered with the Native American Heritage Association as its primary 2024 recipient.


Creating Meaningful & Impactful Content

Anthony shares meaningful content on life, development, philosophy, business, and leadership on his platforms. Anthony helps individuals and brands deliver an impact measured in both meaning and metrics.


Million Video Views


Social Subscribers

Anthony Gucciardi Companies & Positions

President, Gucciardi Creative
Brand Development, Product & Project Management, Social Growth

Gucciardi Creative works directly with individuals and brands to maximize social growth and presence, develop and manage successful product lines, and expand their relevant audiences through mindful and impactful strategy.

Founder, Of The Ancients

Of The Ancients herbal formulations are inspired by millennia of global history and tradition. Of The Ancients™ formulas use only wild harvested or selectively cultivated herbs, are crafted in an FDA-registered cGMP United States facility, and are lab tested for purity with zero toxic additives or preservatives.

President (Former), ValeriusX Consulting Group

ValeriusX works with platforms and brands to discover the core function that makes them unique and valuable through brand philosophy, business development, and social consulting.

Vice President (Former), Simple Reminders

Reaching 90 million readers weekly as of 2017 with over 10 million social subscribers, Simple Reminders & Bryant McGill received more users on social media than top shared articles by New York Times, Huffington Post, or CNN.

Anthony Gucciardi Biography & Life Info

Anthony was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, to a hard-working single mother in a challenging economic situation, spending a portion of his childhood living with his grandparents as his mother had spent her savings on medical care for his fully handicapped grandmother. Spending time with his grandfather, a highly-driven NASA engineer, would prove formative for Anthony and the later evolution of his ideas and aspirations.

Anthony has been passionate about music his entire life, originally desiring to pursue a career in music composition with a focus on acoustic and classical guitar. Playing with friends and a variety of bands in the Philadelphia area, Anthony's passion for business ignited as a means of creating something meaningful and of value. Anthony has since released some of his music under the semi-eponymous name Gvcciardi, available on all streaming platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music, and Tidal.

Recent Anthony Gucciardi Articles:

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