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Anthony GucciardiAnthony Gucciardi is a self-made entrepreneur and seeker of knowledge whose thoughts and writings have been featured in Best-Selling USA Today & Wall Street Journal books and NASDAQ leadership classes, with over 1 million subscribers across his platforms.

Anthony utilizes his reach to share and speak on the works and concepts of thought leaders and proto-disruptors who invite us to examine our perceptions such as Manly P. Hall, Carl Jung, Robert Moore, Malidoma Patrice Somé, Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel, and many others.

Anthony invites us on his epistemological quest to explore the very nature of our understandings and how they affect our experience of reality.

How Anthony Thinks – 3 Primary Ideological Positions

– The majority of our perceptions are not consciously chosen based on reasonable deduction and reflection, but influenced or wholly generated by external factors or other people throughout our lives. When we fail to consciously explore our perceptions for their actual value, we are operating programmatically and without true intellectual independence. Therefore, it is primarily essential to examine the roots of our perceptions through expanding our intellectual possibilities.

– While our modern outlook has generated innumerable benefit, we have lost touch with the knowledge and practices of our ancestors. As a result, we are consciously and unconsciously longing for meaning and searching for non-mundane experiences that we often cannot find in daily contemporary life. Conscious rituals and spiritual practices have been disregarded as useless relics of the past by an ‘objective’ culture that has fractured itself as a result. Through re-integration of these practices and an awareness of the ancient wisdom society has lost, we can reap the benefits of psychological and spiritual wholeness.

– Just as a truly scientific hypothesis cannot be correct unless it can be proven incorrect, we should endeavor to inculcate new ideas and ways of thinking into our psychological dynamic – even if we do not agree with them. By engaging with or reading from those who we disagree with, we are able to not only create new methods of unified diplomacy and communication, but we temporarily escape the rigidity of our belief systems.

Anthony’s Favorite & Recommended Books:

The Archetype of Initiation: Sacred Space, Ritual Process, and Personal Transformation | Robert Moore, PhD

The Body Keeps the Score: Brain, Mind, and Body in the Healing of Trauma | Bessel van der Kolk M.D.

Anatomy of the Psyche | Edward F. Edinger

Meeting the Shadow | Connie Zweig, Jeremiah Abrams

Of Water and the Spirit: Ritual, Magic and Initiation | Malidoma Patrice Some

The Secret Teachings of All Ages | Manly P. Hall

Anthony Gucciardi Biography & Life Info

Anthony was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, to a hard-working single mother in a challenging economic situation, spending a portion of his childhood living with his grandparents as his mother had spent her savings on medical care for his fully handicapped grandmother. Spending time with his grandfather, a highly-driven NASA engine

er, would prove formative for Anthony and the later evolution of his ideas and aspirations.
After initially desiring to pursue a career in music composition with a focus on acoustic and classical guitar, Anthony entered the business world and began learning the functions of product development and marketing. This transition was fueled by equal parts fear – of the monetary scarcity he knew too well and the reality that many of his friends were either falling into drug addiction or seeking rehabilitation – and a heart-based campaign to generate something of significant meaning.

Anthony would go on to – with much continued personal and business evolution through trial and error – engage in business and advisory roles with a host of companies and organizations in product development, media, and apparel.

As a means of communicating concepts and ideas that have been expansive in his journey, Anthony continues to produce various forms of media and content across his platforms, and work with other affiliates and partners.

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