Are you a ‘normal’ person in today’s world? I most certainly am not, and I think if there’s one thing you shouldn’t care about being, it’s being so-called normalhowever that is even defined these days.

Because when we are so worried about everyone accepting us and working so hard to make sure they don’t think we are ‘weird’ for having our own set of ideologies and opinions, we lose the very thing that makes us great: our uniqueness.

The genuine individuality that is lacking in so much social interaction these days. The genuine expression that people are so afraid of, because they don’t want to be torn to shreds for having their own opinions.

Sadly, many people walk around in self-made prisons, with the key held by strangers from whom they seek validation and approval. Too afraid to speak their mind, and too afraid to give themselves permission to live like they so desperately want to, they live and die by the opinions of others.

Don’t be afraid to be ‘weird’, and to escape the fear of opposing normalcy. Genuine relationships and interactions where you feel free to express your true self with others are infinitely more fulfilling and powerful, and we need more of them.