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Self-Made Entrepreneur, Speaker, Writer, President of Gucciardi Creative

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Los Angeles Hollywood hills sunset

The Danger Of ‘Perfection’ & Tara Brach’s Reminder

Hands forming raw clay

I Am Not What Happened To Me, I Am What I Choose to Become – Carl Jung’s Message

Fall leaves and orange colors to represent Fall 2023 and the Fall Equinox

Fall Equinox 2023 – The Powerful Symbolism of Harvest & Balance

Gabor Mate author of Myth of Normal headshot

Dr. Gabor Mate Is Revealing The Myth of Normal & How It Has Damaged Us

Palm trees hollywood

This “Pretty Ugly” Poem Invites Us To Examine Our Self-Talk & Perspective

To be is to be perceived George Berkeley quote image poster

The Perception of Being

Sigmund Freud smoking cigar in portrait with orange hue

Sigmund Freud’s Lesson On The Highest Level of Decision Making

People standing in a line looking all the same

Maya Angelou’s Warning On ‘Trying To Be Normal’

Manly P. Hall portrait reading in a library

14 Manly P. Hall Quotes on Wisdom, Symbolism, Knowledge & Understanding

Fractured wall with a crack going down the middle

We Have Fractured Ourselves Through Our Thinking | Rumi’s Timeless Wisdom

Ralph Waldo Emerson

The Great Accomplishment Of Authentic Self Despite The World Around Us

Anthony Gucciardi playing acoustic guitar

Ipseity – Solo Acoustic Guitar Loop | Anthony Gucciardi

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Anthony Gucciardi is a self-made entrepreneur and seeker of knowledge whose thoughts and writings have been featured in Best-Selling USA Today & Wall Street Journal books and NASDAQ leadership classes, with over 1 million subscribers across his platforms. Anthony utilizes his reach to share and speak on the works and concepts of thought leaders and proto-disruptors who invite us to examine our perceptions. About Anthony Gucciardi.

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