Have you ever stopped and wondered how many of the things you think about yourself — namely the self-defeating fears and insecurities we all carry — are actually a result of other peoples’ words and opinions?

We tend to walk around with a ‘head full’ of so many different beliefs about ourselves, yet so infrequently do we stop and think about why we think these things, or if they have any real basis in reality.  Oftentimes, many of our negative self-beliefs can even be influenced by seemingly-irrelevant experiences from our younger years that ended up sticking with us (and we just ended up forgetting about why we still think this way).

I recently shot a video on this concept, and how we tend to walk around with an entire host of painful ideas that probably don’t even resonate with what we really believe:

As Dr. Matt James writes in his Psychology Today piece on the subject of releasing limiting beliefs learned from the past:

“Your limiting decisions have shaped everything you do. They have prevented you from seeing opportunities and maybe even discouraged you from trying at all. Time to bring them out of hiding! Once you do that, you have choice.”

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