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We Have Fractured Ourselves Through Our Thinking | Rumi’s Timeless Wisdom

Fractured wall with a crack going down the middle

You are not a drop in the ocean. You are the entire ocean in a drop. – Rumi

Modernity has brought us many gifts, though we have indubitably exchanged timeless wisdom for the bounty of contemporary accomplishment time and time again.

We have become fractured, or perhaps more appropriately, we have neglected our own fracturing as it is no longer identified as a concern by a society that values only Parts of the Whole (while rejecting the Whole).

Individually and collectively, we have split ourselves; instead of embracing the entire ocean of which we reflect in our individualism, we have decided to ignore the murky depths and the not-so-beautiful creatures that inhabit the Deep Sea.

We have failed to integrate the ‘shadow’ side of our human consciousness, and instead continue to carry on with the myth that we can split ourselves into two, and ‘overpower’ the primitive side of the human existence with the brute force of willpower.

Certainly when we individually and collectively forget the timeless consideration of Rumi and many spiritual and philosophical understandings that we are all – in one way or another – interconnected ‘reflections’ of the Cosmos, we suffer as a Whole.

Rumi you are not a drop in the ocean, you are the entire ocean in a drop.

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Anthony Gucciardi

Anthony Gucciardi is a self-made entrepreneur, self-development writer, and consultant whose thoughts and writings have been featured in Best-Selling USA Today & Wall Street Journal books and NASDAQ leadership classes, with over 1 million subscribers across his platforms. Anthony utilizes his reach to share and speak on the works and concepts of thought leaders and proto-disruptors who invite us to examine our perceptions such as Manly P. Hall, Carl Jung, Robert Moore, Malidoma Patrice Somé, Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel, and many others. Anthony invites us on his epistemological quest to explore the very nature of our understandings and how they affect our experience of reality.

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