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We Too Easily Forget That We Live In A Nearly Endless Universe

By May 15, 2022May 19th, 2022Ancestry, Psyche, Spirituality
Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse

In our daily mundane lives it is entirely too easy to experience an amnesia as to our very limited placement in a nearly-endless universe. Due to light pollution, we no longer have the privilege of our ancestors to look up at the night sky and see countless cosmic bodies emanating the message that there’s ‘much more’ out there than this pretty rock that includes the totality of our experiences.

We Need Symbolic Reminders In Our Modern Way of Life

Cosmic events like tonight’s Super Flower Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse are powerful symbolic reminders that we exist in a vast universe, and that all of our profound local (pale blue dot) concerns are not as galactic as we have allowed them to present to ourselves.

The universe effortlessly calls upon us to look up and to expand beyond our fixed understandings (perceptions) of what we think reality is.

It really is impossible for our minds to comprehend the expansive universe that we exist within; 93 billion light-years is an unrelatable figure. Imagining the 100 billion galaxies estimated to exist (likely to increase to 200 billion) is similar to imagining a ‘negative number’ – it cannot concretely be actualized in thought in any meaningful way relevant to our experiences, so we have to think in a theoretical space of possibility.

Apprehending, Not Comprehending, The Kosmos

Going beyond what we think we know and attempting to apprehend the Kosmos. I believe this is where the Magic of the universe presents itself and removes us from the fixed belief of our confined reality – when we enter the Possible.

The Possible may be the closest we can ever come to approaching Reality in a universe so dynamically extensive.

Because we cannot constantly (or maybe ever) grasp the Universe in which we live out our daily lives, we are in great need of symbols to remind us.

The faint glimmer of a planet hints to another realm that exists beyond us. The moon on a clear night presents a comfortable and reliable portal to go beyond the mind’s fixed position. But truly unique and noteworthy cosmic events break us from our mold; they, globally, stimulate the experience of apprehending the Kosmos.

Hopefully tonight we can choose to embrace this symbol and ‘zoom out’ from our fixed perspectives, even if its through looking at NASA’s livestream or photos of the event.

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