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Anthony Bourdain’s Tragic Suicide Reminds Us Depression Can Affect Anyone

By June 9, 2018July 23rd, 2018Anthony Talks, News

I was very sad and shocked to hear about Anthony Bourdain taking his own life earlier today; in my experiences, Bourdain has always been a very passionate and kind person — and he leaves behind a legacy that inspired millions to explore new places, cultures, and ideas. What an impact.

But there’s something highly important to talk about when it comes to Anthony Bourdain’s suicide — and celebrity suicides in general. It’s something that no one wants to talk about, and unfortunately it’s not something you will probably be hearing in the media or on the nightly news.

Anthony Bourdain’s Suicide Reveals Serious Truth About Depression & Mental Struggle

As human beings, our brains are always searching for the answers to our problems. Or at least the perceived answers to our perceived problems. It’s easy for us to think that if we ‘just had’ more of something, whether it’s money, fame, sex, adoration, or anything under the Sun, that it would all somehow be okay.

You hear it often. Or maybe you think it often. If I just had more of _____, I would be happy. You might remember thinking at some point in your life: if I was a rich and famous Hollywood movie star, I wouldn’t have any of these problems — I would be happy as can be.

Yet we see so many celebrities, so many ‘rockstars’, so many ultra-wealthy people who seem to have ‘everything’ that end up living in a state of depression and pain. And sometimes, all too frequently, we see them take their own lives.

Robin Williams, Mindy McCready, Jovan Belcher, Lucy Gordon, Marilyn Monroe, Kurt Cobain, the list goes on.

These are the ones that are supposed to have it all, according to society. Yet they are suffering so terribly that they end up committing suicide. And many more end up with drug-related issues in an effort to dull the pain.

Money & Fame Do Not Fix Depression & Pain

Let me tell you, I know many ‘big names’ who ‘have it all’ that are truly unhappy and living in a state of constant unease.

I have struggled with depression throughout my childhood and teenage years, and the effects are very real. It felt like I was climbing up Mt. Everest when I decided to really go inwards and get out of the haze.

It’s important to remember that when it comes to painful emotions, depression, anxiety, and so many other struggles, it’s not about the money, fame, or illusions of celebrity. It’s not about things at all. At every level, we are all facing these things together – and the answer is never found in these fleeting pieces. It comes down to going inward, getting professional help if you are struggling, and beginning the intellectual, emotional, and spiritual revolution of mind and body.

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(Photo by: Mkeneally, Flickr)

Anthony Gucciardi

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