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New ‘Stop Ruining Your Life’ Book Available Now on Amazon

By July 23, 2018News

My new book, Stop Ruining Your Life: A Guide to Overcoming Self Destruction and Loving Your Life Again, is now fully available on Amazon in digital/Kindle format.

No one wants to talk about it, but the truth is we have been conditioned by society and our experiences to be unhappy. From the painful traumas we faced throughout our lives that go unaddressed and end up eating away at us, soaring stress and depression rates, to the never-ending 24 hour media cycle, is it really any surprise that so many people don’t love their lives today?
Stop Ruining Your Life is about understanding how so many different toxic patterns actually hold us back from the very things we want to do, and stop us from being our true selves.

Stop Ruining Your Life features writings that have been shared, favourited and read by tens of millions from all over the world on AG social media platforms, where my talks have received more than 120 million video views alone — an indicator of how necessary it is to talk about these issues.

Concentrated into a fresh format that’s easy to read and digest, I am grateful to have worked with some very brilliant individuals in the creation of Stop Ruining Your Life, including the highly respected psychiatrist Dr. George Thompson, M.D., who joins me in breaking down key strategies and practices to take control of your life, realign with your passions, and start loving life again.

It is my highest intention to help shift the narrative towards meaningful and important issues like the ones covered in Stop Ruining Your Life, and help readers understand how toxic patterns hold us back from the very things we want to do, and stop us from being our true selves. You can start loving life again.

*Physical print edition will be available soon.

Anthony Gucciardi

Anthony Gucciardi is a self-made entrepreneur, self-development writer, and consultant whose thoughts and writings have been featured in Best-Selling USA Today & Wall Street Journal books and NASDAQ leadership classes, with over 1 million subscribers across his platforms. Anthony utilizes his reach to share and speak on the works and concepts of thought leaders and proto-disruptors who invite us to examine our perceptions such as Manly P. Hall, Carl Jung, Robert Moore, Malidoma Patrice Somé, Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel, and many others. Anthony invites us on his epistemological quest to explore the very nature of our understandings and how they affect our experience of reality.

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